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Get covered, drive easy

Insure the following types of boats and personal watercrafts:

• Runabout

• Mini Jet Boat

• Sailboat

• Pontoon

• House boat

• Cabin Cruiser


Make sure that your boat is up-to-date and up to code. There are limitations on the types of boats and watercrafts that can be insured including those not meeting published U.S. Coast Guard standards. Stay informed and stay insured.


Don't get caught paying too much for your recreational vehicle insurance. Spend your money on recreation, not high payments.

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You've worked hard on your bike. Make sure that your baby is insured with a quality company that understands how important your motorcycle is to you. Get an exceptional amount of coverage for your exceptional ride.

Get your home covered

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For example, damaged OEM parts are replaced with OEM parts. Furthermore, if your bike is totaled or stolen, Total Loss Coverage gets you the same bike and even covers accessories up to $3,000.

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